Sunday, June 14, 2020

Second Place

Goffstown now has the second highest number of current C19 cases in the state.  The usual corrective lenses apply: positive cases are not deaths, and are related to number of tests; we have the largest county nursing home, which has active cases and thus necessitates a great deal of testing of both patients and staff in order to be hyper-cautious, as should be; we are not an isolated small town, but border on the largest city, and many of our folks work at the city hospitals which require testing in certain departments or if one shows a fever or symptoms when checking in.

Still, second-most is second most, and we have fewer than 20,000 people.


Michael said...

I think you should have been more precise in your language. I just looked at the "current cases" and "cumulative cases" maps. You didn't qualify your metric. It appears we are second in current cases but sixth in cumulative cases. That is a distinction with a difference.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Fixed. thanks