Monday, July 15, 2019

Most-viewed Posts 81-85

Why Would They Lie? There was a large public lying with statistics motoring around in NH in 2007. I dimly recall it was one of my most-visited posts years ago but has not gained as many hits as others, suggesting that it was frequently linked at the time, but has now faded.

The Copernican Theory.Okay, I don't actually come out against the heliocentric solar system, yet this is classic AVI thinking of "Sure, but let's look at this from another angle and see if it teaches us anything." February 2014

A Trump Presidency. Written after the election but before the inauguration. I got this almost completely wrong.

Meek-And-Mild.   I almost deleted that last commenter, but I kept him in for historical reasons. November 2014

Pascal's Wager. No one ever commented and I don't believe the psychbloggers I hung with at the time ever linked to it.  The traffic to this one is likely driven by search engines.  Still, I liked the point I made, so I didn't eliminate it. June 2006


Christopher B said...

I think jaed gets the gold star for Trump prediction.

Copernican Theory - The idea of cause and effect seems to elude a lot of people. I should probably be more precise and say that what really eludes them is that your action might not have the intended effect, or might produce multiple reactions and you might not like all if them. What causes this I don't know but I think you were on to something with your observations about received vs experienced facts. Thinking that every question has One Right Answer contributes, too.

Texan99 said...

I agree about jaed's post: I just re-read it nodding my head on every point.