Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Most Popular AVI Posts 86-90

Other Christians I can now reveal that the small group was studying a book by Blackaby.  Not a fan. December 2016

1950s Creed  We looked at things a little differently then. Interesting comments. April 2013

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism  I don't hear the phrase anymore, but I think the issue remains the same. Lots of Christian kids have a watered-down theology. April 2015

Have You Forgotten? Examples of some stories that went down the memory hole.  That was August 2017 and unsurprisingly, they haven't come back.

Coffee A discussion of how bad things used to be. March 2013

So far the links seem to only have slight boost from search engines.


james said...

BTW, how do you filter out search engine bias? My older posts have been spidered so many times they look popular, but it's just the regular search engine spike. I know there are tools to analyze traffic, but I haven't bothered to install and test them.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Entirely guesswork on my part. If the post contains the word "opioid," I assume that both bots and humans have been nibbling on it. If posts occur in a series, I assume that an outlier with more hits has either been more popular (sometimes I recall or can tell from the comments that another site has linked to me), or has some sort of key phrase in it attracting attention. I scan the post and if it doesn't seem to have a phrase, I assume it was genuinely more popular because of the linking.