Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Another Batch of Old Links

Zero Correlation Between State Homicide Rate and State Gun Laws Eugene Volokh being reasonable again. This is one of the links I share in online discussions most often.  I have fantacised a conversation with gun controllers in which I ask "Can you at least go with me this far?  Can we only talk about legislation that actually reduces violent crime? Things that we just think might be helpful and sound good, can we leave those out for today?  Okay? Good. Because the discussion is now over.  There isn't any." I found a version not behind the WSJ paywall. October 2015.

George Orwell - Reflections on Gandhi. Orwell was not a fan. January 1949

Why Didn't Obamacare Make Us Healthier? Bernie Sanders inadvertently raises a critical question as Republicans pursue reform. I had to search to get behind paywalls again. June 2017

The Google Memo: Four Scientists Respond. Facts are pesky things. From the Quillette Archives  August 2017.


Ken said...

The point of Obamacare was never to "make us healthier". It was purposefully designed to sabotage America's medical industry as a way towards single payer, i.e., politically controlled, "healthcare".

Assistant Village Idiot said...

The medical director at my hospital said exactly that, with glee.