Sunday, July 21, 2019

Most Popular Posts, 76-80

We are starting to creep into the area where every post highlights what I consider an important part of my thinking, rather than some ephemeral reaction to a current event.  Some of this top 100 were important, but turned out to be wrong, as you shall see. Yet in creating a summation, I have come to the edges of my main themes. It continues to be a little disquieting to sum up my life's thoughts.  Fortunately, we aren't quite there yet.

Title Rescinded: Word of God.  Even though I followed the thinking of Luther in this, I got some pushback from evangelicals.  February 2012

Unfairness. Our view of what is fair and what a safety net should be is very, very recent. May 2016

Getting Hitler Right: I discussed the equation of Hitler with "everyone I don't like," and specifically related it to Trump hatred. The comments here were excellent.  I like very much what I said, and even more what you said. Well, almost. For the record:  Trump hasn't gotten us involved in international messes, quite the opposite, but he has received exactly no praise from the left (and precious little from the right) on that score, and he has not been as authoritarian as he might be.  He probably should have just executive ordered his way into building The Wall at this point, but is still trying to work it through the system. Not a very good tyrant, really. May 2016

Just The Facts Ma'am. This one was responding to a current event I no longer even remember.  Yet unsurprisingly, the main players in my discussion - Rush Limbaugh, Media Matters, Jon Stewart - behave exactly as my stereotype of them would predict.  Huh.  Maybe I actually do discern with some accuracy. September 2007

Virtue Signalling. I packed a lot in here and I think it is worth reflecting on.  But I didn't always say it clearly and you might have to double back over some sentences to discern my meaning. It is longer than my usual.

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