Saturday, July 06, 2019

Most Popular Posts 91-95

91. Family-Friendly Church. "There is much deploring going on about the unbearable lightness of the gospel in America. Well, it's what we teach the children, certainly, so if you don't attend church after age 12 or so, you will not ever hear much else..." April 2015.

92. The Ruin of Mankind. "Grim just linked to a Vox article on Donald Trump's financial conflicts-of-interest.  I didn't read it, but I can easily see how they would be Legion. Yet Grim points out an odd paradox - as conflicts-of-interest increase, they might tend to nullify each other..." December 2016

93.  The Gold Coin of Worth "Dr. James Dobson, the much-admired and much-despised psychologist that evangelical Christians were so taken with in the 1970's-2000 (and beyond?) once discussed the whole self-esteem movement and its lack of grounding in God's valuing of the individual..."  Related: Coins of Worth Again. September 2017

94. Moral Licensing. "Moral licensing seems to be a well-supported theory. When people do something virtuous – when they even think of doing something virtuous or belong to a group in which another member has done something virtuous – they are more likely to indulge themselves in subsequent decisions or even make evil decisions..." November 2018

95. Knowledge of History. "CS Lewis noticed that most people have a very dim idea of history, and that much of it swirls together, so that Romans in togas, knights-in-armor, and Queen Elizabeth all occupy similar territory in their understanding of The Old Days..." May 2019

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Christopher B said...

93 - This is not original to me but we don't just prize intelligence. We prize a very specific verbal ability to be witty and clever that almost encompasses bsking's category of 'with it' combined with the ability to influence others.