Tuesday, July 02, 2019

100 Most Popular Posts

I finally got the list in order and whittled it down from 150, eliminating those whose hits likely came from bots and random searches, sometimes dropping an old post as of no interest.  I did keep some that don't reflect on me as well as I'd like, because that seems only fair.

As I mentioned before, some of these likely are inflated because they are popular search topics, not because my particular post is that valuable.  When I wrote on Stonehenge in the context of Wayfinding, I'm sue it wasn't the international fascination for wayfinding that drove the traffic. Some also had inflated totals because I flogged them repeatedly, trying to draw attention to them because I thought them valuable.

Thus, while this is neither a 100 best posts nor a People's Choice Top 100, it is closer to the latter than the former.  The audience may know better than I.  I don't believe that for a minute, but I thought it was the proper, humble thing to say.

I was surprised that none of my Tribes posts made it, and only one of my Conspiracy/Paranoia posts. Those would have been my stock in trade ten years ago, and they have had time to accumulate further viewers. I have a possible solution, but have not decided. Yet I learned from the review that the ongoing conversation is more important than any occasional originality or good sense I may have shown. As I wrote to James over at his site, I don't visit there to find the James Top 25 of the 3rd Millennium, but to see what he is thinking about these days, as we have developed an online relationship. 

There were some sad moments in the review of the 13+ years, and some people I miss.  There were also exchanges with Copithorne and Zachriel that got me worked up all over again.

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