Sunday, July 21, 2019

Iron Horse

Grim posted an interesting banjo & vocals piece by a woman I had never heard of, but the title made me think of this instead.  Unfortunately.  I'm just an awful person and I ruin everything.
The movie "A Mighty Wind" makes fun of my era of music quite well. It is Ian and Sylvia, the New Christie Minstrels, and the Kingston Trio they are sending up. To a lesser extent, Peter, Paul and Mary, The Limeliters, The Smothers Brothers, and a dozen other folkies. I had their albums and tried to write songs like theirs.

I hope I wouldn't have gotten this bad, but I did write songs about cattle drives, King Arthur, and obscure Welsh battles, none of which I had the faintest real idea about. So a coal mining accident? Sure.  I might have tried it.


Grim said...

I'm sure you're right about whom they mean to satirize, but all the same, I think it's Tex Ritter they're closest to here.

Sam L. said...

I liked it!