Saturday, October 01, 2022


I shudder to think what the search term nostalgia would bring up on this blog. 10% of the total, likely. As I get together monthly with two friends (math/science) I went to summer studies with and one friend (arts and social science) I used to sing with in highschool - and I went to 50th reunion last October - this usually means grades 9-12. College friends recently came up, but that's another story.

Other common eras for nostalgia would be when the first two boys were young, from 1979-1990, possibly extending to the end of their years at Concord Christian HS. Or the first years the Romanians were here.  I don't usually think of the '10s as nostalgia.  But my practical experience is wistfulness whenever I have to go back through my archives.  It doesn't take much to bring a tear to my eyes these days.

And so, I give you December 2015, which includes much about Christmas, that Christmas, and family history, surprising trivia about CS Lewis, Jonathan Haidt's research, and a video of komodo dragons threatening Japanese schoolgirls wearing meat hats. No, really. They are screaming, of course, which I think is what the producers of this TV show had in mind.  2015 Was the year I blogged second-least, with the two around it being first and third.  I apparently had little to say then. However, the family was as amazingly charming then as one could imagine.

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