Wednesday, October 06, 2021


I had lunch with two friends from St Paul's ASP (51st anniversary) on Friday, leave today for Williamsburg for my 46th reunion (the 45th was cancelled), and come home to a Central High School 50th on the 16th. We've had the yearbooks out, looking at old photos. I have not been to a college one before. For highschool, I went to the 5th and hated it, didn't get back until the 20th, and have been a regular since. The displays of envy and one-upmanship started receding around the 30th and I hope are finally gone this time.  We'll see.


Sam L. said...

I have never been to any of my High School reunions. I could have been to one, but decided not to.

Donna B. said...

I came *this* close to going to my 50th class reunion this year. I changed my mind when the organizers came down with Covid, one of them being hospitalized (now recovered). The few people I'd have enjoyed talking with I talk with online, so it wasn't a huge loss. The few others I would have liked to connect with again are either deceased or whereabouts unknown. I don't regret missing the reunion.

Narr said...

I went to my 30th (HS) in 2001, but have not been tempted to go back for more, even though they have been perfectly accessible. They seem to have some combined events too--two or three consecutive years together.

I have no identity whatever as far as university or grad school classes--any notice from alumni associations goes straight to the trash.

My high school primary set were pretty close and those still alive stay in (very spotty) e-touch. Two of my oldest (grade school and jr hi) and closest friends among them are already dead.

james said...

The HS class I graduated with scattered around the world--if there was any more-or-less average location it might be US-southeast. There were only 17 of us to start with (fewer now).

I don't think our class ever had a reunion. Classes a few years after ours seemed more into that sort of thing, and an older graduate might show up at the younger ones' festivities, or not. A report from someone who went wasn't at all enticing (booze-heavy--apparently that class interest hasn't changed), and facebook suggests many have drifted into the fashionable "politics is all-in-all" polarization.

I was busy for the zoom school reunion, which in the event didn't have anybody from my era anyway.

I wonder if we'd have anything to talk about. I'd have to spend quite a while with the yearbook trying to recall all the names.