Sunday, October 17, 2021

Law Profs

I wondered starting years ago how law professors like Glenn Reynolds and Ann Althouse found the time to produce so much content. Talking to my business-office friend at William and Mary this becomes clearer.  He recommends to young people seeking advancement that law prof is a good gig to strive for: salary over $200,000 and not much work. Because of ABA pressure always ratcheting in one direction for accreditation, professors at top law schools now teach three only classes per year.  That's not per semester, that's per year.


Who Struck John said...

Between administrative bloat and this, no wonder colleges charge so much.

Narr said...

Just today, I came across this, from Veblen: law school has no more a place in the modern university than a school of fencing, or dancing.

But that's a battle lost.