Tuesday, October 11, 2022


I went over to Instapundit for the first time in a long time.

Sarah Hoyt has become first-class crazy at this point.


sykes.1 said...

Plus Austin Bay, Ed Driscoll, Steven Green, and even Glenn, himself, are floating in the deep end.

The Ukrainian war seems to have driven the neocons mad.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

It's a real pity. I used to love that site. I think this is what happens to all of us when we are surrounded with only those who agree with us, plus the nutcases who assure us that we haven't gone far enough in our bad ideas.

Douglas2 said...

I remember on a few multi-author blogs in the blog-era one could easily filter so that the page would load without the entries of some author one wished to avoid.

I'd be much happier reading instapundit without the Hoyt entries.

OTOH, it's worthwhile:
a) knowing what the crazies are thinking. On left sites I see titles like "Conservatives are now off their rocker about (x)!!!.!"; and can reasonably conclude that the article is fiction because it is the first I've heard about it.
b) practicing one's skepticism on both wings of whatever political spectrum one's seeing.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Those are fair.

james said...

I went to see what you meant, and followed her Heather MacDonald link about marijuana to the WDSU report which ends with this: "The administration official speaking to reporters on Thursday said that "there are no individuals currently in federal prison solely for simple possession of marijuana." "

I'm not sure I'd call that a "standard leftist ploy", but a dramatic pardon that pardons nobody seems like a very "dishonest politician" thing to do.

Grim said...

I always thought she was the most strident of Glenn's co-bloggers excepting, perhaps, his wife on certain topics -- but I've spoken with Dr. Helen offline and she's a truly wonderful person whose occasional online stridency could mask that if you never encounter her directly. Hoyt is an author of speculative fiction, and has a rather dramatic preference for words; maybe there is some of that going on, too.

That said, I always thought from her writings about socialism etc. that she'd grown up in some Central American ally of Cuba during one of the worst regimes. Turns out she's from Portugal, but it definitely sounds like she found it pretty traumatic.

Donna B. said...

I still check Instapundit regularly, but not daily as I used to. Sarah Hoyt is definitely a Covid-19 victim though she doesn't know it.

ErisGuy said...

I was curious so I checked the latest:

Sarah links to Victory Girls story: “ THE NAIL THAT STICKS UP: Politico Does A Sewer Dive: Publishes Candidate’s Sexual Assault Info.”

Oh, yeah, that’ s deep end crazy talk. Judgement calls, but outing the candidate’s sexual assault… hmm.

Sarah links to Victory Girls story “ CLOSE THE SCHOOLS OF EDUCATION, SALT THE EARTH: Future Teachers Deny Science And Lash Out At Professor.”

Ok, she’s promoting her friends. The story is about a teacher bullied for affirming the obviously false science that there are only two sexes. That’s deep end crazy talk.

Sarah linked to “Dam is about to break on COVID shots” to Zimmerman’s blog. Zimmerman is a real space engineer. Story consists of citations to real studies about vaccine side effects. That’s deep end crazy talk. Vaccines have no serious side effects.

Sarah links to Watt’s Up With That with “ GOVERNMENTS AT WAR WITH THEIR PEOPLES, UNDER COVER OF IMAGINARY HYSTERIA: AFR: Australia’s Renewable Transition to Drive Up Prices 35% Next Year.” What? Renewables cost more? Unpossible. That’s deep end crazy talk.

Sarah links to Legal Insurrection with “ Britain Faces Possible Winter Blackouts as European Energy Crisis Worsens.” A prediction, which could be wrong like most predictions. I’m sure reliable science says Britain and Europe will have no energy shortages this winter. To suggest otherwise is deep end crazy talk.

I’m no friend of Sarah’s and don’t look forward to her contributions, but what are you talking about?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Zimmerman may be a real space engineer but he is consistently wrong on covid, including his information on side effects. Not all of it, he just believes every negative thing he reads. There is no dam about to burst. There is no massive coverup of everything. There may be some important people who overestimate their safety, but not hugely, because they are in fact very safe. The claim that they have not been tested and observed are refuted by the fact that even if they weren't to start with, they have been given to millions at this point. I didn't bother with the others at that point.

Grim, she is from the Azores. I have liked her stories about how that culture and the Portuguese gov't in general screw things up. But that was years ago that I read that.

Aggie said...

I subscribed to Matt Taibbi's substack a couple of years ago, and while I don't care for his politics I have really enjoyed the integrity of his journalism. And I particularly look forward to the Weekly Review session that he holds with Walter Kirn, which is thoroughly enjoyable. They are both well-read, well-informed, and possessing a keen wit.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I just heard him interviewed by Ethan Strauss and was impressed. I should probably check that out.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

@ ErisGuy - the simplest thing will be to wait and see if the dam bursts over the next few months. I am confident it won't, but I can't predict the future.

Uncle Bill said...

Imagine if you had read these predicted headlines for our current day news ten years ago:
- FBI Fabricates Evidence in Effort to Remove President from Office
- Senile Old Coot Elected President of the US
- Russian Invades Ukraine, Gets Its Ass Kicked
- US-Funded Virus Escapes From Chinese Lab, Kills Millions
- Millions of US Girls Decide They Are Actually Boys
- US President Implicated in Secret Illicit Chinese Deals
- FBI Manufactures Fake Kidnapping Plot to Help Swing Election
- Six-foot-seven, 270-pound Giant Breaks Maris' Home Run Record

And the best of all:
- Donald Trump Elected President

I'm pretty sure you would say, "This person is first class crazy - I'm not gonna bother to read anything more from him."

Nothing would surprise me any more, and Sarah's stuff is not so unbelievable any longer.

Grim said...

There’s definitely a reasonable point in that argument.