Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Dating Apps and The New Polygamies

Reading The Overlong AVI Posts. An introduction to reading these long series I get going on every once in a while.  This won't be necessary for some of you who are long-time readers who have already made your adjustments.


This is the complete set, in reading order instead of blog order, and I will do the same underneath. I had a lot of fun with this, even though it has owned me for over a week. All should know going in that a lot of this is about the biological reality of both male and female strategies, how we follow them much more than we admit - even when we swear we are doing the opposite - and how they are playing out over the last couple of centuries.  It is more focused on the last sixty years, and only after all that is packed in do I look at how dating apps are changing things.

This is mostly the previous content, but I think it is clearer and some of it is new. Your previous comments are under the Links post or the Answers post.

Will Tinder Enable the Polygamies? Intro and Definition

          With music

Will Tinder Enable the Polygamies? Old World Demographics and Religious Practice Live On. 

           Sort of.  This is the one that has the geography in it.

Will Tinder Enable the Polygamies? Peer Pressure 

          With Mean Girls video

Will Tinder enable the Polygamies?  Mating Strategies.

Illustrations and music both! I put in this general discussion as background to polygamy, as our strategies are flexible but persistent in many systems

Will Tinder Enable the Polygamies?  Links        

With 60's music. I am noticing that all this talk about mating strategies seems to suggest the 60s to me. I can't imagine why. I was well into the 1970's before...never mind.

No, Really Will Tinder Enable the Polygamies?  The Answers

This is what you thought you were signing up for at the beginning. If you really can't face all of this you can go to the links post for fun and this one for the summary.

Acceptance of Polygamy  - New Stuff

Apparently the change is already happening, with cultural conservatives leading the doing of it and progressives leading the acceptance of it.  Not what I would have predicted, but I see it. 

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