Sunday, October 02, 2022


Yeah, not so much intellectual content around her these days, is there? I should feel guilty and hop to it, but I'm not going to. Thinking about my children and grandchildren a lot these days, turning off the podcasts while driving or walking in order to pointlessly worry instead. Issues all around, but Son #2 is working for a UMC church in Houston where the comments and the tactics about whether to split and join the GMC  have been quite nasty. I am sympathetic to those who want to forbid gay marriage in the denomination, but at least in Texas, those are acting far worse.

I do believe that there are right answers to questions. Yet I believe even more strongly that how Christians treat each other in negotiating the conflicts matters far more. What if God tells us in the end "Many questions don't have good answers in a fallen world.  This was intentional on my part to give you opportunity to display kindness and grace." Son #5 has an important job interview coming up, and is trying not to let girlfriend problems distract him from this. It's good practice to learn to put even important things on the shelf for an hour or two (or even longer) in order to be hyperfocused on a goal.


Grim said...

“an hour or two (or even longer)”

The economy has been working against my wife’s art business lately, and is likely to do so for months or years to come. This has produced understandable frustration, coupled with a desire to immediately improve our financial situation.

What I have tried to convey, in comfort, is that the finance costs that worry her are the very thing that allows us to convert these from short-term problems (which might be crushing) into long-term problems (which we are well placed to solve). Learning to live with problems in the longer term is difficult, and capitalism is eager to sell you short-term solutions: the shorter the term, the more ruinous.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

He is trying to get in as a firefighter in a small city with a good reputation. He has done very well on the tests and is a generally well-loved person. But interviews are often largely dependent on interviewers, which are an unknown. He will eventually do very well at this. He is remarkably calm in emergencies, which was noticed quickly in the Reserves. But we live in the now, and he is 26. It's a good place to learn this lesson.

Grim said...

Ah! Very honorable. I have no doubt he will eventually succeed.