Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Hay Sickles

 A wonderful parody piece in National Review about cutting your foot off with a hay sickle. 

Arriving first to the hot-take punch, a Vox writer who has neither read the column nor watched Walsh’s video weighs in to explain with confidence that all opposition to cutting off your feet with a hay sickle is a “social construct” that “emerged” in about 2018. At Salon, Amanda Marcotte backs this theory but complains that, while this is probably true, she can’t help but notice that the discussion about cutting off your feet with a hay sickle is being conducted “mostly by white men.” At the Atlantic, Adam Serwer repudiates the Vox piece by proposing that the most racist people on the 1957 Little Rock School Board were against cutting off your feet with a hay sickle, and inviting his readers to “think hard” about what “that tells us” about the practice’s “contemporary critics — which include Republican Senator Tim Scott.”

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Grim said...

“In response to [Matt] Walsh’s work, a blue-check propaganda account that obtained its large following from its stint as a Taylor Swift fan-feed claims…”

It’s William Gibson’s world. I liked his Sprawl novels more, but Idoru was the one that really predicted the future.