Monday, September 12, 2022


 So Democrat turnout is higher than expected and Republican is lower, and the speculation is that it's the "everything is rigged, don't bother" attitude?  Way to go guys. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory again, as usual. 

Update: Eh.  My overreaction. We don't really know that.


Stephen Taylor said...

Well, I'm gonna vote. I think it's pointless, but it's a habit ingrained in me by my father, who, thankfully, died before seeing what our country became. Nothing's going to change. Those who think that an all-GOP House and Senate will act to reverse events are living in a fantasy world. A few hearings. An indictment or two. Sound bites. Maybe a couple of third-tier peons go to a country club prison. But that's it. Nothing's going to change. And the GOP will supinely resume it's very lucrative role of a loyal opposition.

But I'm going to vote anyway.

Grim said...

I also shall vote, whatever doubts I have about the system's integrity. Heck, we run the election out of my fire station. It's unlikely that the local elections are affected by grand plots, and it really matters who your sheriff is.

Donna B. said...

My next vote is Sep 20, runoff for city council. I'm grateful these elections are not on the same schedule as the state/national elections though for a selfish reason. The turnout is so low that snagging the handicap space by the door is easy and there's no waiting in line. The turnout in 2020 was so awesome that walking from my driveway would have been quicker than finding a parking space of any sort. I didn't vote.

I'm applying for an absentee ballot for the November election.

Christopher B said...

Cuz "look at all the nutjobs and crappy candidates running on our ticket" is such positive motivation.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Focusing on local elections is healthy. Or whether the rules and enforcement in your own county or state are right. Those are something you can have on-hand knowledge of.

As for the candidates, yeah, even though Stephen Taylor is correct and it's wise not to expect more than keeping the worst ones out, I try to remember what it was like for my Romanian friends in the 10-15 years after the revolution, when elections finally meant something, and the choices at the national level were eventually between literal communists and literal fascists, with an 11% Hungarian Rights wild card. All the other parties had been gradually eliminated in primaries and runoffs. But you voted, because what else were you going to do? You hoped it would eventually be better, and in the meantime, there were more local elections with better choices. Of course, corruption was a problem throughout, but it was a separate issue.