Monday, September 05, 2022

Peter and Dudley Again

 When you start watching them, you can't stop.  It's the phrasing that gets you.

"So there's hope?" You should know in this scene that Moore had club feet, and only one of them responded to surgery very well. It is said that comedy is often an expression of all our pain, crystalised by a brilliant expositor.  Think of Joan Rivers expressing the male/female double standard, or the many black and Jewish comedians who could put a spin on their distress.  Or Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters, who had vultures of depression always circling overhead but broke through.

PS: I just learned that Dudley was not only at Oxford, but at Magdalen College where Lewis was, so there is a connection between this post and the last. Moore graduated (music) in 1954 and Lewis left for Cambridge that year. Overlap of four years, but not necessarily enormous contact. He seems to have been a musical prodigy.

Which leads, almost inexorably, to this...

Put all of the above into this. I chuckle and laugh more than any any ten people you know put together, which is perhaps the only reason people like having me over.  Yet I seldom give a full-throated laugh. But I do here.

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