Tuesday, September 27, 2022

British Taxes

I have not linked anything by Theodore Dalrymple for a long time, which is a shame, as he is a clear thinker who puts things well. Tinkering with Taxes Won't Save Britain. From City Journal.

The sad fact is that one is always starting economically from where one is rather than from where one ought to have been, or where one would have been had past policy been better.

An excellent and often overlooked point. Conservatives often go on at length about "If you had only listened to me the first time..."


Anonymous said...

It is amazing that Great Britain, soon to be Britain, would commit suicide in quite this way.

Brexit has crushed the economy and that is just one of many factors that has brought GB to its knees. So stupid. Still its certainly time to break up this mess. A major factor is the idiocy of letting Boris anywhere the levers of power. Now as Truss is even less likely to succeed at anything useful, and the insane tax cuts that crushed the pound are just amusing at this point.

Its likely Scotland will leave GB and Ireland will follow in a few years.

Donna B. said...

Eh... I dunno. I've a relative who is deep into SNP politics -- but what worries me is that this relative has previously been proud of her extremely liberal progressive politics. I can't quite trust her judgment even though she's quite conservative when it's her personal income involved. The upside is that she sent me a nice SNP coffee mug and tote bag.