Saturday, September 17, 2022

Substack Liberals Again

Jesse Singal talking to Ethan Straus: "I don't think the election was stolen, but I don't trust the liberal media to tell me if it was." Heh.

Which reminds me of an interesting question.  Liberal media, old media, mainstream media, MSM, prestige media, drive-by media, legacy media, elite media - no term seems to have fully caught on, which I think is a PR problem for conservatives trying to criticise its many branches/tentacles. As has been noted many times, they are generally less media-savvy, fashion-savvy, even socially-savvy. To so many more liberal groups they just don't "get it," which is a huge indictment from one side but something that comes very close to making the entire point to conservatives. You are blown about by the winds of mere fashion - you don't "get it" that this is what "get it" actually means; we have to attend to reality is the claim.  It may not be true.  I think it is only partially true, as conservatives have other cultural cards to (unfairly) play but pretend they have none. Hence Donald Trump. But there is an essential truth about it WRT some important groups, including old media (controlled by new journalism), academia, A&H in general, government institutions (which include the schools, human service agencies, and non-profit funding sources from foundations and denominations. 

I suppose I am only saying that just because one side is shackled does not mean the other side is free. But it is clear that some people never look at their own wrists and ankles.

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JMSmith said...

Conservatives lack focus and coordination because conservative is a negative category. Leftism and liberalism are integrated ideological movements with clear objectives and coherent plans. Conservative is just everything outside those movements that is trying to conserve something from the bulldozers of leftism and liberalism. But any particular conservative is trying to conserve some particular thing from the bulldozers. This is true even in the limited area of the United States and it means that conservatism is always relatively unfocused and uncoordinated. It this internet age it has had many "memes" but very few talking points. The inability to affix a single pejorative label on things is at least partly a result of this. Another, I think, is that very few conservatives are out for blood. They want to scare off the enemy and get back to whatever they succeeded in conserving. Leftists and liberals are out for blood. It is what they are all about.