Thursday, September 01, 2022


 I don't think I know anyone anti-natalist, that it is wrong to have children.  I know people who don't want children, and people who say "I just can't see bringing any more children into this (overflowing/terrible/dangerous) world."  But no one who thinks it is wrong.  If I do, they probably wouldn't say it to someone who has five kids anyway. Interesting study that anti-natalists score higher on Dark Triad traits (psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism) 

CWCID: Rob Henderson


james said...

I have heard such things at second hand, but not in person, so I can't guess whether the reasons cited are central or rationalizations.
When I first got married I wasn't interested in having kids, but I wasn't opposed either. There seemed to be inconveniences involved.

james said...

Looking at the article--my first impression is that I wouldn't want to have lived Benatar's life, even if I know nothing else about it than that he's been anti-natal since childhood. [And "the absence of harm with nobody to be harmed" is not good but trivially neutral.] And by a trivial extension of Singh's theory, nothing ought to exist, since the created had no choice.

"Additional research has shown that many conservative views, e.g., on immigration, abortion, and environmentalism, as well as some liberal views, e.g., on abortion, have also been found to be correlated with dark triad personality traits"
? Contrasting conservative and liberal views on abortion both correlate with dark triad?

The depression correlation isn't surprising.

G. Poulin said...

The reason you don't know any is because you live in a whiteopia where people have manners and respect boundaries. Here in the more barbaric state of Massachusetts, there are many people who will not hesitate to condemn the parents of large families to their faces. You would think that with so many people nowadays having no children at all, they would be glad that at least someone out there is making up the difference. But no --- the dogma is strong in these fanatics.