Thursday, September 01, 2022

C S Lewis and Preferences

Lewis, commenting on a letter to the Church Times from the previous week (1951). Reprinted in God In The Dock

Having read Mr. Bradbury's letter on the Holy Name, I have a few comments to make. I do not think we are entitled to assume that all who use this Name without reverential prefixes are making a 'careless' use of it; otherwise, we should have to say the the Evangelists were often careless. I do not think we are entitled to assume that the use of the world Blessed when we speak of the Virgin Mary is 'necessary'; otherwise we should have to condemn both the Nicene and Apostles' Creed for omitting it. Should we not rather recognise that the presence or absence of such prefixes constitute a difference, not in faith or morals, but simply in style? I know that as their absence is 'irritating' to some, so their frequent recurrence is irritating to others.  Is not each party innocent in its temperamental preference but grossly culpable if it allows anything so subjective, contingent, and (with a little effort) conquerable as a temperamental preference to become the cause of division among brethren? If we cannot lay down our tastes, along with other carnal baggage at the church door, surely we should at least bring them in to be humbled and, if necessary, modified, not to be indulged?

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