Friday, April 23, 2021

Trivia Question

Five US colleges have produced both a Super Bowl winning quarterback and a US President. To make this a group effort, name only one and pass the question to another.

William and Mary had four presidents (sort of), but no Super Bowl QBs.  Not even close.


Christopher B said...

University of Michigan

RichardJohnson said...

Stanford. Herbert Hoover and Jim Plunkett.

Douglas2 said...

I never would have known this without generations of family who went there:
• but Ben Roethlisberger as quarterback for the Steelers on 06 and 09,
• and going all the way back to 1893–1901 single-term president Benjamin Harrison

Named after the Indian tribe that inhabited that part of Ohio, Miami university was founded in 1809.

(Not to be confused with Florida's 'University of Miami'. When the two teams play each other, the game is usually nicknamed the "Confusion Bowl")

Anonymous said...

Naval Academy.

RichardJohnson said...

Additional Stanford (Snodfart) quarterback: John Elway.

Miami (Ohio) also known as Cradle of Coaches. Paul Brown being the first example.

UDee said...

University of Delaware. Joe Flacco & Joe Biden.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

@ Christopher B and Leon - both correct. Expand, to fill out the answer.

Richard Johnson gets the extra-credit points on this quiz.

Christopher B said...

U of Mich. Gerald Ford and Tom Brady.

Donna B. said...

Is Peyton Randolph the "sort of" president from W&M?

Trivia is a big thing in my family and my weakest area is professional sports, yet even I knew Staubach/Carter/Naval Academy -- it was Dallas Cowboys thing with my father and brother that I couldn't escape combined with my dislike of Carter.

In hopes of somehow besting one of my sons-in-law in our next family trivia war, I decided to list the colleges of winning Super Bowl quarterbacks and the colleges of US Presidents. I was surprised to find that even with 45 presidents (counting Grover Cleveland only once) that the college attended most by our presidents was "none" while the 32 Super Bowl quarterbacks all attended college. Of course, timewise there have been only 11 Presidents since the Super Bowl started and they all attended college.

Anyway, thank you for giving me something to occupy my time and curiosity. Also, I found that there are four colleges that have produced multiple Super Bowl winning quarterbacks and that Alabama is resting on past laurels -- time to up their game.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Washington got a surveyor's license from W&M, and Jefferson never graduated, going off to found UVA instead. I hadn't even thought of the Peyton Randolph angle. Good pickup.

Many of the dorms carry those names - Tyler, Madison, Jefferson - but Taliaferro (pronounced "Tolliver") and a few others are unexpected.