Friday, April 30, 2021

Growing Cynicism

 Over at Quillette When Will Activists (and the Media) Get Honest About Police Shootings? 

 I can't see how that would happen.  What advantage is there for honesty on this issue?


RichardJohnson said...

Over at Quillette_ When Will Activists (and the Media) Get Honest About Police Shootings?

When will pigs learn to fly?

Perhaps if the truth gets hammered and hammered at them, they might become more honest, but at this stage, I doubt it. It seems to me that activists and media people have become less honest in recent years. (As their conduct is not proper, I don't see the need to use a proper noun in naming them.)

Christopher B said...

The narrative will simply shift from the BLM 'police murder black men' to the harder to quantify 'we really mean police treat brown and black people badly', in the same way 'defund the police' almost immediately became 'we really mean shift police funding to these other government employees (with masters degrees) we won't call police but who will do the same things.' You can already see this happening.