Saturday, April 03, 2021


I used to leave the box "Open this link in a new window" unchecked most of the time over the last few years.  I have taken to checking it now.  Is there a noticeable difference in the clarity of presentation, and do you have a preference?


Douglas2 said...

I can't say that I'd ever notice, as control-clicking on the links (so that they open in a new tab even if you've not specified that) is so ingrained.


Donna B. said...

I prefer links to open in a new window because I'm usually not through reading the article the link was in. Like Douglas, I can manage it on my own so it's up to you.

engineerlite said...

I prefer to open in a new window. Makes it easier to get back to the important stuff, what you have to say next!

David Smith said...

Most browsers (and web sites) today are real resource hogs, so I prefer to have only one browser window open and use Ctrl-left-click to open a new tab without immediately switching to it.

And my goodness that nCaptcha robot test has become annoying!

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Hmm, good arguments both ways, but I will shade toward having you do it yourselves with Control-click.

As for nCaptcha, it's really annoying when it happens to me on my own site, making me count motorcycles when there are long stretches of road with indeterminate stuff at the back. I have to verify to get on my own site?

Sam L. said...

I'm a "new tab" guy, but then, I AM strange, weird, and peculiar.

james said...

I typically have 3 browsers running: one of them with javascript etc locked down so I can do browsing, and the other two partitioning tool uses (personal and work google accounts). The machine has enough memory to handle a lot of tabs, so I don't worry about that--except w/ chrome

New tabs: advantage--easy to decide I'm interested and will come back later, but keep on reading the original article
disadvantage--aethetic--after a while there get to be too many tabs to keep easy track of

New windows--same advantage as new tabs
disadvantages--more resources, more screen and/or icon space

In-tab: advantage--fewer resources, fewer tabs to keep track of
disadvantages--rabbit-holing makes a return to the original a bit messier

Conclusion: first world problem. tabs are slightly handier to deal with

Christopher B said...

I'm agnostic on new tab or new window but definitely prefer to avoid having a link obliterate the current window contents. I usually mouse-over a link to see where it's going, and can certainly select 'new tab' from there if you don't make that the default.