Wednesday, April 28, 2021

London During WWII

The captions describing the scene will disappear after a few seconds and you will have to move the mouse again.

I noticed that there were more men than women out on the street, which is hardly surprising in these business sections of London. But I also noticed there were few older people, fewer children, and few still overweight people.


james said...

In one square they seemed to mix cars and pedestrians (or perhaps stand-about-ians) with nothing resembling lane markers painted.

The colorizing algorithm does weird stuttery things with the sky, doesn't it?

In some scenes people are very aware of the camera, and in others--I wonder if it was disguised?

Sam L. said...

London during the Blitz. I recognized the barrage balloons immediately. Also, the bomb damage.

David Foster said...

I thought WWII happened in black & white....???

David Foster said...

re the female antiaircraft crew: apparently women were not supposed to do anything that would be 'lethal' to the enemy, this may have been a Geneva requirement. So the female members of the crew operated the rangefinders and mechanical fire-control computers, but were not allowed to actually fire the guns.