Thursday, April 01, 2021

Learning Mode

My books are backing up, as are my podcasts, and I am feeling the need to learn things. I don't know it that means more posting here or less, but it won't be current events, which is always a dead end in terms of learning anything. However bad things get in the country and the world, Christians in other times and places have had it much worse and have managed to soldier on. 

As usual, CS Lewis has the proper response. Learning in War Time. If you want my advice about anything, that would be it. Read more CS Lewis


Douglas2 said...

I've been unable to discern a meaning to having 'leaning' rather than 'learning' in the title.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Perhaps proofreading is one of the things I need to be learning

Douglas2 said...

I thought it was intentional and I just wasn't understanding!

james said...

Re-read more C.S. Lewis too.