Friday, April 30, 2021

India and Covid

The discussions over at the Brown Pundits posts are unnerving. They have been predicting a sharp surge in deaths for over a month, citing family and friends' reports in one region after another that seem to clearly be a Covid variant, and a particularly deadly and nasty one, that is underreported in the extreme.

The difficulty of not containing cases sharply has always been that you give the virus a billion opportunities to mutate. With India, we are talking about an eventual number of cases 4-10 times greater than anything America is going to show. For those to be largely a more virulent version is going to be ugly.


Thos. said...

India is currently giving a frightening demonstration of exponential spread.

People who are frustrated about how we've handled the pandemic in the US like to mock the "two weeks to flatten the curve" thing. But in their irritation they are forgetting that, just because our "two weeks" turned out to take a year, doesn't mean that flattening the curve was a bogus strategy.

India is going to show us - in blood and tears - what it's like to live through an 'unflattened curve'.

Thos. said...
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GraniteDad said...

Very true. It’s bad and getting worse.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Note that Granite Dad's company has a lot of employees in India who are communicating their fear to him directly.