Thursday, April 29, 2021

Right Field

One of my favorites. James mentioned it asking about songs for other sports.  If you think of any, go over and tell him about it. It's hard to imagine what a track-and-field song would even be.

My sons tended to be right fielders.  But I shouldn't be too harsh, as I seldom played at all.  Touch football, some swimming, both kinds of skiing. I suppose there are songs about hiking, mostly European in origin.


Grim said...

Homer included track and field events in the Iliad, which was sung.

Dan Kurt said...

Roberto Clemente was a Right Fielder and is in Baseball Hall of Fame. Peter & Paul don't look to have ever been picked for Dodge Ball let alone Base Ball.

Dan Kurt

Galen said...

I don't know any songs directly about track and field, and I refuse to google it, so the best I can do is offer a personal association. "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" is about how I felt running the two mile. "Does anyone know where the love of God goes, when the laps turn the minutes to hours?"

RichardJohnson said...

John Fogerty's Centerfield has some good baseball videos along with the soundtrack.
Centerfield 1 or

Centerfield 2. See if you can remember what events the video refers to.

These videos, along with the song, do a better job than PPM's Right Field of showing what baseball meant for generations of kids. "Look at me...I can be...centerfield." Baseball was the repository of dreams and hopes for many of us.

As I had a Physical Education student teacher who had played for both the Red Sox and the Yankees, I knew that sometimes some of those dreams and hopes could come true. I was realistic enough to know that they wouldn't for me, so I after 8th grade I played very little baseball or softball. In the spring, I was on the track team, and as a result no gym. I still played ball with neighbors, but football predominated. Baseball fell by the wayside for most of us- though one neighbor ended up pitching the last no-hitter that our high school baseball team had.