Saturday, March 27, 2021


Voice to text, which I am now calling voice-to-joke, is not good at Native American names, which occurs throughout the country. Piscatasquog is rendered as "biscuit a squawk."  My particular app is clearly racist.  Someone needs to come up with a woke version of voice-to-text.


Douglas2 said...

About 10 years ago a few of my foreign colleagues had a phone service that did voice-to-text transcription of their phone messages, and the non-English ones were always a hoot to read.

It was quite useful for creating unique nicknames for people.

We've been watching an online church service each week where the scriptures are read in both English and Spanish, and the Youtube subtitles of the Spanish always make us giggle. Of course sometimes the automated transcription of English makes us giggle also.


Harold Boxty said...

Despite billions of dollars, Google maps navigation is still terrible with Spanish street names. What happened to muh diversity, equity, and inclusion?

james said...

English, admittedly spoken rapidly with a slight accent, is also recorded for posterity with some interesting features.

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Zachriel said...

Then there’s Shirley:

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Interesting that the writers at Vox were convinced that the preference for lighter skin is learned and learned early. I don't know if there is evidence that it is learned rather than innate. But that's their political belief, so they just roar right by that.

Babies of all races have lighter skin, rounder faces, and bigger eyes, and we like lighter skin, rounder faces, and bigger eyes, which is part of why Japanese Anime became so quickly popular rather than being instantly dismissed as creepy.

Zachriel said...

Assistant Village Idiot: I don't know if there is evidence that it is learned rather than innate.

Preference for lighter skin is widespread, but not universal. It appears to be related to being a proxy for wealth. In most traditional cultures, work is conducted outside, while the rich are more sheltered from the sun. An interesting counterexample to the preference for lighter skin is how the tanned look became popular in the West when most work was conducted inside and tanning became a signifier of the leisure class.

Mike Guenther said...

Lighter skin could also signify that you just got out of Leavenworth after a 15 year stretch. ;)