Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Hobo's Lullaby

It's an old tune. The long pauses between lyrics, plus the hesitation of not starting a new line on the first beat but catching up on the next are reminiscent of human moaning, crying, with an occasional catch or sob. It is frequently used for melancholy songs, but i don't think it is artificial or intentional.  Artists naturally come upon these things because they express in the phrasing what the tune and lyrics don't fully accomplish.


random observer said...

My dad's listening habits introduced me to Emmylou Harris in the 80s. I keep drifting away and rediscovering her every few years.

I only recently heard her Tulsa Queen for the first time, and rediscovered Red Dirt Girl.

She covers the country/folk/rock nexus like no one else, taking her career in all. And her voice seems to convey fear, despair, hope and love all at once.

Nanci Griffith makes an interesting compare and contrast, too.

Emmylou's work with Linda Ronstadt is a union of voices of a unique kind.

mc23 said...

I like Emmylou but I prefer Arlo Guthrie's take.