Friday, March 05, 2021


I wrote "Piscatasquog" in the last post, and I always write and pronounce it that way.  This is because the section of Manchester where the river empties into the Merrimack was called Squog when I was a boy, though I had a sense it was already going out of style then, as only old people or ones right in that little area called it that.  If you are from Manchester, you might remember the little corner store "Squog Fruit" on the West Side near Granite St Bridge. But there are almost no internet references for Squog now, except some character from Spongebob Squarepants, and none for the river being spelled in that way.  I will have to say "spelled that way anymore," because it clearly must have been said that way in the past.  Everyone writes Piscataquog now. Just one more thing where I may be the last person to be doing things a certain way.

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Sam L. said...

We all have our "certain ways". As well as out "uncertain" ways. Flip flop? Moi?????