Sunday, March 07, 2021

The Evil Queen

Jordan Peterson has a Quillette article on the sidebar, For Our Own Good, We All Need a Glimpse of the Evil Queen. I cite it more for interest than agreement.  His approach is very Jungian, very Bruno Bettelheim Uses of Enchantment, which I only partially subscribe to. But the story is interesting and does capture something about confronting those things that trouble us. And Peterson is getting kicked a lot and not mentioned, so I figured I would do my little bit to keep him in the public eye, even though I like his speaking more than his writing.

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Grim said...

As you know, I have grave philosophical doubts about psychology as a discipline; but I like the Jungian approach best, because it has the least pretense to empiricism and the greatest willingness to be guided by myths. I thought this was a good piece.

It reminded me of this essay from long ago, and your own comment upon it. She needed to meet herself, as it were: as she really is, a wild and killing animal whose nature is that she can only exist by eating the dead. You can choose to eat plants or animals, but you cannot choose not to kill and devour life if you are to survive. That was not given to us, for some reason, as it was to the trees.