Sunday, March 28, 2021

Return to Live Worship

We returned to live worship for the first time since last November, and the first time indoors in over a year.  I had thought we were only going to be allowed to hum along beneath our masks but we were able to sing out (though still masked) and the church was moderately full, though distanced.  We sang "All Glory Laud and Honor," and i got to sing in parts, and started crying by the end of the first verse, so happy to be back.

I also automatically go into tears when a descant comes in, so I got to cry twice over this hymn this morning.


Douglas2 said...

OK, I know that my view of COVID non-pharmicological interventions is different than just about everyone else's.

There are some of them where I don't think the fearful are fearful enough, and a bunch of others where I'm more skeptical than the more skeptical skeptics -- of either the efficacy of the NPI, or else it's utility when the downsides are accounted-for.


I've tried to keep track of the research on exhalation plumes from musical activities such as singing and flute-playing, and for singing, the volume of air along with the movements of mouth and jaw to support the notes makes mask seal really bad and air velocity really high.

Based upon published research, the college music department here is enforcing an 18 ft distance between individuals for masked singing in rehearsals, along with rationed time in the room and empty-room-time for HVAC air exchange before and after such use.
I've looked at the same studies, and I find their evaluation reasonable.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Ouch. Noted. I sing with force. In fact, I inefficiently push more air than necessary.

On the other hand, I am two weeks post-vaccination and consider my overall danger to others to be low. So I might not need to change my behavior on the basis of my danger, but my church might need to, and I should follow their guidelines for several reasons.

Thank you.