Monday, March 08, 2021

Red Tribe, Blue Tribe, Gray Tribe III

The suggestions are already coming in that the Gray Tribe may not be as objective as advertised.  I did say that this is where we were starting.  It is not an unfair claim.  Scott Siskind's analysis of topics are models of evenhandedness, and many of his commenters follow this lead. Jonathan Haidt started from the left and Greg Cochrane from the right, but both have shown a remarkable ability to say "my people have been wrong," and even more difficult "I have been wrong." Siskind wrote an essay about the online atheist community The Godlessness That Failed, that he belonged to but has disappeared, much of it going full SJW. Bsking and I commented on that - with the caveats that atheists come in many flavors, and the ones who go online to argue are clearly not fully representative.

Steve Hsu (writing on embryo selection here, for example) and Razib Khan do not have religious beliefs I can detect, and I can't tell what their political slants are from from their statements (though I do have a slight suspicion Hsu is not conservative). Scientific training can put us in practice of being objective, (though many, many scientists are heavily biased). 

So I would like to give them credit that there are some real ones out there, and all at least aspire to objectivity, following the data, and not being swayed by public opinion.  I would like to.  We'll see if it is sustainable.

There are fake Grays, I think, of tech nerds who feel they are undermining cancel culture and standing against it, separating themselves from Blue but eschewing religious and patriotic sentiment, separating themselves from Red. Or are they not fakes, but the real Gray tribe because they are the most numerous group?  I think this would also include the hardcore gamer subculture, also willing to take on PC takes rather than cowering before them. Screenheads of all types do get an ongoing reminder of objectivity every day, because the computer is quite unforgiving.  The buttons you push give you what you want or they don't. Much of the tech world is Blue, however, or at least anti-red and content with cancelling what they don't like. Mozilla forced Eich to resign, Google culture excised a young man for making entirely accurate statements about women in tech that just happened to be forbidden.  They have not shown much resistance to social pressure, the primary vector of liberal spread.

Those groups are hugely male and need to find mates, and seem to prefer Blue to Red.  Or is that just popular mythology? Do they in fact seek brides in many places but we only hear about it when they tangle with young blue women?


Back briefly to objectivity. Fetishising objectivity may be more common in Gray online discussions, but people everywhere can be objective within a framework.  I know people who make unwarranted assumptions about the Bible, but I give them credit for trying very hard within that framework of finding out exactly what is correct.  Maybe that's just because I know a lot of engineers.  when my friend Andy wanted to discern what the Bible says about whether salvation can be lost or is indelible "I set up a spread sheet..." That's my boy.


james said...

My personal "imp of the perverse" reminded me of the Objectivity Room in That Hideous Strength.

szopen said...

Razib described himself conservative atheist on quite a few occassions.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I had not heard him say that, but it does not surprise me. Thank you.