Saturday, March 13, 2021

Meghan Markle and Vox Pupuli

I saw a reference to Meghan Markle as "The Princess of Woke."  I wouldn't focus on that aspect of her. My reading is that she has a Personality Disorder, similar to Diana's, and has taken whatever weapon looks most likely to create conflict. If you can force the conflict out of your own head and watch others do it, it is a relief, even if people get upset and yell at you.  That is just more ammunition.  Given her generation and upbringing, wokeness was the weapon she is best trained to wield. I don't think she and Harry are as fully capable of having ideas as most of the rest of are. Words and even entire attitudes are used instrumentally, with diminished relation to their actual meaning.

Sigh.  That's half the internet these days, it seems, of people adopting positions with an idea of elevating themselves and damaging others, with little regard for the actual content.  I wonder how much we should be applying that to history, of not taking the slogans at face value, nor perhaps even the well-crafted essays and orations. Even Bible sections might be looked at in this way.  It is Lent, and I am thinking of the statements of the crowd on Palm Sunday and then before Pilate. It is often noted that these are a complete reversal, making no logical sense. Yet they made emotional sense to the people saying them, expressing their aspirations and angers situationally rather than logically.  We are studying Joshua at present, and the voices of the people may be similarly unreliable there.  They think they mean what they say, but can turn on a dime.


Donna B. said...

I don't claim to be prescient, but it seemed flagrantly obvious to me that Markle wanted to be, or at least was "channeling" Diana, before she married Harry. I've recently seen some memes that illustrate I wasn't the only one seeing that.

As a result of that interview, I am most worried about all the fashion news outlets that praised and promoted every style that Kate has worn. What are they to do now?

Christopher B said...

You would think an actress might have an inkling that it's a rare sequel that's as popular as the original. I get the impression she had no idea of the love/hate relationship that the Brits seem to have with the Royals, especially now that there's a whole gaggle of them who won't even get within an arm's length of the throne but still trying to be relevant.

james said...

The crowd --assuming it was the "same" crowd and not a group of Sadducee supporters--had a rational change in attitude when faced with the fact that the messiah had been caught and whipped by the Romans he was supposed to overcome. He must be a fraud; he tricked us; crucify. Plus, while some of the things he says are brilliant, some verge on blasphemy. Fraud, crucify.

Faced with new facts some days later. "Uh oh!"

GraniteDad said...

Good Twitter thread on this idea -

Texan99 said...

It's probably not a sign of successful adulthood even in myself when I find myself wanting to shout "GROW UP" at a lot of people.