Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Rag Doll

They had me wondering "Wait, could this actually be an 18th C song that the Four Seasons updated?" There's nothing in the lyrics that eliminates it, after all.

Of course no.  They are just having fun with a song with a song they like and showing they could have been that sort of band in the 60s and 70s if they had wanted to.


RichardJohnson said...

Neither good music nor good musicians are confined to one path. Bach pieces have been played on a variety of instruments. Bach has also made the Top 40. Ray Charles has done country. That rendition- should I say cover- of Rag Doll also reminds me how much I like Doo-Wop, the music of my elementary school years.

George Weinberg said...

Don't know the song "rag doll". But I see the album has "Boys of Bedlam", which I have always found to be inspirational.