Saturday, October 03, 2020

Bob Gibson

Someone said the keyboardist was Denny McLain.  Is this true?

He sure looks the same as this guy

The rumor was that the Mafia broke McLain's toe that winter (I forget why) and he was never the same again.

While Bob Gibson's 1968 numbers were certainly better because of pitching off the higher mound, 15" vs 10", it's not like the mound had been 15" since the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1869 and just changed because a few pitchers had good years.  It was set back to where it had always been before 1963, when the short pitcher's era of the 1960's began. He was the best pitcher in the National League that year and deserved the accolades.  If they aren't quite what they seem in the historical context doesn't change that he was a dominant pitcher.


E Hines said...

Gibson also was a pretty effective hitter, and the Cards didn't hesitate to send him in, in clutch situations, to pinch hit.

To pinch hit, not to get in the way of a pitch and lay down a bunt.

Eric Hines

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yup. And the Gold Glove winner at the position for years as well. A significant athlete, who likely would have been able to build a professional career whatever sport America played.