Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Foreign Adoption

 We adopted two boys from a Romanian orphanage in 2001.  Both their parents were still alive, and amazingly had to sign off on the adoption for it to take place.  The mother had left the family and the father had dropped our two at a state orphanage two years later.  Yes, one of those institutions you saw on 20/20 at the time.  The Mouth of Hell. 

That the New York Times, that bastion of modern American responsible journalism, with a reputation that persists to this day engages in this destructive slyness is personally offensive.

Baseball history fans know that the New York teams got more press, entered the national mythology, and put players into the Hall of Fame because they were in the biggest market, could outbid other teams, and had sportswriters who became prominent more from audience than talent.  The same has happened with the NYT.  They had a bigger audience, and could pay more reporters. Because of this, they developed the idea that they knew more and were smarter. They were New York.  You were St Louis, or Denver, or Boise. They are the expensive assisted living home of journalism, pretending that none of their residents forgets their meds or wears Depends; carried along on their inherited money and their parents' reputations.


Aggie said...

I think this might be the first time in American History that a political party has all of the major media outlets, and most of the secondary ones, locked up and following orders prior to an election. Not just the more traditional film/newspaper/TV formats, but also YouTube, Facebook, Twitter all casually throttling or straight-out censoring information damaging to The Party.

Just imagine what the world will look like to US citizens if The Party wins. Imagine how our perceptions of the nation and the world will now be managed. How many things have we heard in the past 4 years that scorned by The Party as 'outrageous' but turned out to be validated? How outrageous would it be to say now: Trump's 'Wall' could be serving a different purpose in 3 years?

Sam L. said...

For me, the NYT's reputation is lower than a snake's belly. The WaPoo's too!