Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Alex Smith

Okay, the guy with the hideous injury that I have never desired to watch on "NFL-Disgusting Moments," the guy who almost died from the complications and the 17 surgeries, played for the Washington Redskins this Sunday. Six sacks.  He's going to need more protection than that.


It seems almost unfair, like the one-legged footballer in Tom Stoppard's "After Magritte" 

Thelma: For some reason, my mind keeps returning to that one-legged footballer we passed in the car...What position do you suppose he plays? What guts he must have! I mean, what fantastic pluck! What never-say-die spirit, you know what I mean?  Bloody unfair on the rest of the team, mind you - you'd think the decent thing would be to hang up his boot.
or Westley in "The Princess Bride."
It's unfair to have to compete against them actually. 

Someone should do a takeoff video of Alex Smith in the Westley role here.

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