Monday, March 22, 2010

We Angry White Guys Again

Obama's popularity is consistently down - way down -among women, hispanics, moderates, independents, college graduates. But according to the LATimes, it's those angry white males acting up again.

I'm not angry, just perpetually irritated. I expect Obama will get a bump because the leftists who were growing more disenchanted are pleased with the passage of health insurance reform. "Disapproval" always means from any direction, remember.

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Ben Wyman said...

Passage of the health care bill should assumably give Obama a sizable lump - uninformed people who were against the bill will now convince themselves that they're for the bill, since it's passed and what's the point of being on the losing team?

Credit will go to the White House for "educating" the public.

For the record, I stand where I stood three months ago: I wanted a health care bill that made sense. I didn't get one, and I'll blame both sides for that.

The Republicans seem quite content to sit back after losing a hard-fought battle, figuring they'll win the bigger fight in November, but I'm disinclined for vote for candidates of a party that worked hard to refuse compromise, as half-hearted as those compromise attempts were.