Saturday, March 27, 2010

President's Bracket

There can't be many brackets in good shape at this point. ESPN tells us that Obama's is in the top 12% - which means, BTW, that he's at exactly the 88th percentile or they would have reported it differently - and good on him for that.

I don't recall sports journalists being interested in Nixon's opinion, and he knew a lot of baseball and football. Or Gerald Ford's, who played football for Michigan. Or Dutch Reagan, who had been a baseball announcer. Or Bush 41, who played 3B for Yale, or Bush 43 who had owned a baseball team (and whose believing Sosa was on the downside of his career looks less laughable now that the steroid info has come out).

In 2009, they even went back and asked ex-President Clinton for a bracket. He didn't do too badly, as I remember.



Gringo said...

Nixon got a certain amount of publicity with regards to his allegedly giving football plays to George Allen and the Washington Redskins.

∅bama can't get the facts on HCR right, but has the time to do basketball predictions.

Ben Wyman said...

Obama has now tumbled to about 50-some percent, which isn't surprising considering how much he overrated Villanova and Georgetown.

I enjoy the fact that Obama cares deeply about these things and sticks with being an informed sports fan even as President. I know it's a "humanize and make the candidate relatable" PR trick, but it seems genuine. You feel he'd want to sit down and talk about the Big East's struggles even if there were no cameras around, and there's not many things that he does that you feel that about.

One of my brackets is at 99.1% now, strangely, even though I only have two Final Four teams... and Syracuse winning it all.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Two in the Final Four is top-tier all by itself.

I like when Obama is doing his bracket because it means he's not doing anything else.