Thursday, March 04, 2010

Not Weird

To everyone who doesn't work in mental health, this story seems weird and
impossible. To those who do, it's just a nod and "it figures."

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Gringo said...

It is definitely not the only time I have come across someone crusading against X who commits X. Not at all.

You don't have to work in the mental health field to say "it figures." Reading the news will suffice. Such as Eliot Spitzer, who both prosecuted prostitution rings and consorted with prostitutes.

While Freud may not be considered today as appropriate for treating mental illness as he once was, he was onto something when he wrote about projection.

Which is why my default attitude towards a do-gooder is mistrust.

Erin said...

I agree. Work in education and you're bound to say "it figures." I worked with a parent in denial that his daughter's Aspergers may be a partial reason for the social mix-up that caused her so much trouble and the other girl may not have been 100% at fault. Complaints over the "lack of effort" (read: her English teacher wasn't spending 10 hours/week extra one-on-one tutoring her) toward helping her practice for the state tests revealed his own OCD and Aspergers tendencies.

There was another issue a few years ago over a truancy issue with a student unwilling to show up or put any effort into trying to pass. When talk of failure & summer school arose, the mother (a woman who works with troubled teens) refused to believe that she was skipping class so frequently and claimed that we were lying and purposely failing because we weren't prepared to handle her talent.

Yes, it always figures.