Sunday, March 07, 2010

Seems Implausible

William & Mary has won both their first- and second-round games in the CAA tournament, including Northeastern just a few minutes ago. They are better than they usually are, but frankly, not that good a team, at least by DI standards. If the rankings went that far, I imagine they would be somewhere between 50-75th in the country. 22-9, RPI of about #60.

Tomorrow is the finals against ODU. If they win, they go to the big dance. Seems implausible. Their role players and bench players are unlikely to play as well back-to-back. OTOH, their best player is unlikely to go 1-8 on 3-pointers back-to-back. They have played Old Dominion - a pretty good team which flirted with the top 25 a few times - twice this year, eking out one win and getting clobbered in the other.

It would be nice to see it happen once.

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