Monday, March 22, 2010


I ran across a marvelous quote today while trekking through the swamps of Paul De Man writing tor the Nazis, Jacques Lacan's impregnating his friend's wife, the general obscurantism and puffiness of Derrida, Foucault...a plague on all their houses. Jeffrey Mehlman, quoted in Alan Spitzer's Historical Truth and the Lies About The Past.
...are grounds for viewing the whole of deconstruction as a vast amnesty project for the politics of collaboration during WWII.


Mike O'Malley said...


I ran Will's comment above through Alta Vista's babelfish using the traditional Chinese to English translator. It seems that "WIll" your commenter above is promoting a Chinese language porn site.

For example:
Petite lovable informer one

The outsider telephone tries to play please do enter

Lonely angel new person lonesome

The outsider telephone tries to play please do enter

The lambkin baby leaves the silt...
Wants the female prairie fire...
Angel beautiful woman hot thorn

Well you get the idea...

Mike O'Malley said...

As multicultural Post-Modernism is informed by, indeed founded upon, the pedagogy of that Nazi hack, Martin Heidegger, why should we not view Paul De Man, Derrida, Foucault and the entire Post-Modernist project as an extension of the Nazi Party's anti-human, anti-Christian, anti-democracy project?

Paul Gordon said...


The first comment is an example of why I turned on comment moderation for awhile (I've since turned it off, and just watch out for them, and weed when necessary).

Run your cursor over that line of dots.

Each individual dot is a link.

FYI :-)


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Mike, I sort of get the idea, I know that things get lost in translation, and I agree it's porn, but...

Maybe the Chinese really are inscrutable. "Angel beautiful woman hot" sounded interesting until it was followed by "thorn."

Mike O'Malley said...

... and “female prairie fire” may be universally suggestive, porn or no porn. Nonetheless prudence is advised as it seems likely that “petite lovable informer one” is located in the PRC. ;-)

Anonymous said...

_Signs of the Times_? That quote from Mehlman is in it, too, along with lots of other good quotes. The original source for Mehlman is, I believe, Newsweek. Makes you think now that Newsweek is more like Le Soir vole.