Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For Fans of "Lost"

Ben tells me he has picked out one of the clues from season one that has just showed up again, and thinks he can project a lot of its meaning. I'm trying to force his hand by writing this, so you'll go over to his Ten-Four Films blog (top of my sidebar) and pester him. It has to do with Watership Down, but I'm not going to repeat his comments beyond that.


Ben Wyman said...

It really doesn't warrant a post - the show is so detail-and-clue heavy, and is broken down so studiously by its fans that my writing would just be more words.

I'll be content with private self-satisfaction if the little pieces I've worked out are correct.

Fine, public self-satisfaction.

GraniteDad said...

Email me your insight, Ben.

akafred said...