Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Justin Wilson, USMC

Chris called this morning to say that his best friend "Wilson" had been killed in Afghanistan. We had heard about Wilson over the last year - never with a first name, but clearly someone Chris liked and spent time with. He had visited Justin's family in FL last year, and met his fiancee.

Fiancee. It just kills me to hear that word associated with one who died. Her name is Hannah. Prayers, please.

And his parents, of course. We immediately thought of them and how brutal it must be to have one's fears realized. We don't know more details. We are presuming an IED, because that is the most common cause of fatalities for drivers in Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

News like this really hits home as my son is on his way to Afghanistan right now.

Semper fi Marine! If I may....a bit of prayer for the fallen...

Saints of God, come to his aid!
Come to meet him, angels of the Lord!
Receive his soul and present him to God the Most High.
Give him eternal rest, O Lord,
and may your light shine on him forever.

-- Army Mom

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile CA is considering legalizing pot, most "students" are very much dumber than decades ago, violence stalks our towns and cities, crassness and crudeness is labeled "entertainment", and the Congress of the United States have sold their souls for continued perks and staying in office.

Come on, folks, do not let our real patriots, in our Armed Forces, down. The battle fields of our country...and in many foreign lands...are filled with folks who were not "stoned", texting, game-playing and generally letting someone else "watch the store". By your actions, large or small, you will effect how much, or little freedom we continue to have.

Semper Fi,

LtCol W. Curtis USMC (Ret)

terri said...

I spent the past weekend working on my dad's house on the east coast again. Chills went down my spine while I was listening to the news one evening. I realized that the marine they were talking about was your son's best friend.

I am so sorry for him and for Justin Wilson's wife and parents.

I hope your son finds some way to deal with the loss of a good friend.