Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Without A Trace Of Irony

Looking for one thing on YouTube, you always find another. I have posted other close harmony groups in the past, Orpheus, The Kingston Trio - but always chuckling at them a bit. Chuckling at myself, perhaps. Yes, these two similar videos have guys with funny clothes and haircuts, but it goes with the territory. They were in the crossover period from fresh-faced folksingers to hippie exuberance. And I loved them. Still do. Without a trace of irony, this is good music.

Also, I looked a lot like that rhythm guitarist, so I'm a little defensive.


Larry Sheldon said...

Amazing how they were able to get noticed.

Had talent.

Knew how to play their instruments.

Didn't use sound systems to distort what they did in to pain-rendering noise that really does make water-boarding look like a tickle in the ribs.

Women looked like women.

No apparent bodily mutilation.

And the list goes on.


GM Roper said...

Somewhere, in a closet in my home, back behind, perhaps, an old peajacket or maybe a Nehru Jacket and a pair of baby blue with gold window pane squares bellbottoms, I have both those records providing they haven't gotten lost in the many moves since the 60's.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

ELC said...

Judith Durham - what a voice! Thanks for the YouTube.

I love the old harmonizers: I'm a big fan of Doo Wop.