Thursday, May 07, 2009

I Knew It

Sometimes you'd rather not be proved right. I said for years that the Red Sox winning in 2004 and 2007 was just some kind of urban legend. I grew up here, I knew better.

The Red Sox never really won those World Series. Up until 2004, I always said they found a new way to torment us every year. But even I, who expected them to be stripped of their title for some ridiculous reason all the way through 2005, never expected they would find a way to throw it all away five years later.

I also got proved right that getting Jason Bay instead of Manny Ramirez was a good thing, though a projected suspension for juicing wasn't my reason. But that's some comfort, I guess. And the growing belief that whoever the Red Sox beat during the regular season and each round of the playoffs likely had someone who juiced makes it all a bit murky about who robbed who. Another cold comfort.


Ben Wyman said...

Jason Bay hitting the snot out of the ball makes it a lot easier.

It's officially time for all of us to not be shocked when we hear someone did juice, it's rather time for us to be rejoice when we find out someone is definitely clean. Release the 2003 drug list!

Anonymous said...
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Erin said...

Jason Bay was one of the best moves they've made in recent years. Didn't miss Manny from the day he was gone.

TomG said...

Ya know what? I'm gettin used to our society's rewarding cheaters and scumbags ... I thought perhaps Manny was the real deal ... ha, ha, ha - fooled yet once again! There's no reason to dislike A-Rod ever again, since even Hank Aaron admires Bonds for his 'achievements'. Let's admit the truth shall we - professional sports is totally suspect now, if one maintains that steroids or any other enhancers should be an asterisk to the records. BTW, while I'm literally writing this - A-Rod just homered on his first ups and pitch back to the Pros this season - and THE CROWD IS GOING WILD!!! So why the punishment for Manny??? It's all a farce - all that matters is ratings and viewership (can we ever admit this stuff - keeping it clean?) For all we really know, 70% of pros are on something, and the other 30% will be just to have a chance!

Boethius said...

I must confess up front that I am not a big sports fan, sports of any kind. I watch a little with my son, when he makes me, and I do pay attention during news sports highlights just so I can talk with my son about it.

With the disclaimer provided, please allow me to ask, do you really think any team wins fairly? Is it not possible that the Red Sox wins were legitimate because the other team surely had players who were cheating as well. Perhaps it is time to boycott all sports? (Obviously, easily said from someone who is not addicted to this source of entertainment.)

TomG said...

Just came upon this commentary above, on same subject-matter. Recalling how Nomar was suspected when with the Sox, given the tendency for Achilles tendon problems when on roids, my guess is they wouldn't be desired by pro golfers - who rely on the twist and extension of their bodies to be effective. But who really knows? To your point Boethius, I truly agree it's an addiction for many - a distraction that takes away from doing active things oneself, to better one's life, communication with others (including loved ones), etc. It's actually quite liberating *not* to be passionate for any particular team! Cheers, Tom