Monday, May 11, 2009

Emotional Health

There is all the difference in the world in what people are like when they fall in love. Some then view all of creation through pink lenses, beaming at all and walking on the sunny side of the street. Is that annoying? A bit. But it's nothing compared to those who use falling in love as one more complaint about how the world doesn't understand them and their depth of emotion and nobility of soul.

It tells you a lot about their basic cast of mind, doesn't it?

And yes, I ran into one of the latter today.

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TomG said...

But, may I pose that perhaps such feelings and expressions of elation toward life's greatest gift (our capacity to love) are merely but out of sync with the culture's predominantly stale default to dispassion - as a presumed state of an enlightened state even. Unlike the Latin world, ours emphasizes the "stiff upper lip", sober, sterile, composed-at-all-costs ... much to the detriment of our inner spirits. Allowing ourselves an occasional "lusty month of May", tryst, taboo, and momentary lapse into impropriety seems to be the "wink wink, nudge nudge" of knowing the truth of our untruth - wouldn't it seem. And seeing such natural passion perhaps makes us a bit envious - that perhaps others have attained a bliss we still yearn for. We can have occasional 'fun' but not be too happy - for everyone knows that "only an idiot smiles all the time". Maybe the yearning for "amore" is what's really needed more in our current state of being - and that indeed those "in love" don't feel understood at all (and definitely not accepted). Just wondering, thanks.