Friday, May 22, 2009

Playoffs Update

The thought was that Cleveland was a freight train this year, unbeatable, so that even if the Celtics made it to the Eastern Finals, they had no chance without Garnett.

Orlando, which outplayed the Celtics but not hugely, seems to be proving that theory wrong. Orlando is Cleveland's equal.

Suggesting that Boston could have been looking at banner 18 after all. Matchups are funny, and if Team A plays both B and C to a draw, it doesn't necessarily mean B and C would be an even matchup as well. But the Celtics did play well against Cleveland this year.

Ah well. This is the life we embrace when we become sports fans. Dave Barry once wisely pointed out in his Guide To Guys: "Your wife may be a warm, loving, and loyal person, but she will never make the playoffs."

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